Chinese Instruction

I teach using Traditional (Taiwan and Hong Kong) and Simplified (mainland China) characters as well as pinyin and bopomofo.

Known as Bai Laoshi to my students, I hold a B.A. in Chinese language and literature from the University of Colorado at Boulder. I’ve helped students improve their language skills since 2000. As a life long learner myself, I inspire others to love what they’re learning through custom curriculums designed around students’ unique goals, interests and learning style.

A sampling of ways I share my passion for Chinese language and culture:

  • Chinese program consultant
  • Classroom speaker
  • Enrichment program teacher
  • Private tutor for individuals, small groups and families
  • SAT II Chinese language test preparation
  • Conference presenter – Previous presentations include: STARTALK: “Designing Effective Field Trips” and “Supporting the Development of 21st Century Skills Through Independent Projects in the Chinese Classroom.”