Chinese Instruction

Tara teaches using Traditional (Taiwan and Hong Kong) and Simplified (mainland China) characters as well as pinyin and bopomofo depending on the student’s goals.

Tara Bardeen (known as Bai Laoshi to her students) holds a B.A. in Chinese language and literature from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  She has helped students improve their language skills since 2000.  Tara is a life long learner who knows how to inspire students to love what their learning and specializes in creating custom curriculum to suit students’ goals and learning styles.

Tara shares her passion for Chinese language and culture with students in a variety of ways:

  • Chinese program consultant – Tara started the Chinese program at Colorado Academy in 2009
  • Classroom speaker
  • Enrichment program teacher – She has taught at Graland Country Day School and Bromwell Elementary
  • Private tutor for individuals, small groups and families since 2000 – references available
  • SAT II Chinese language test preparation
  • Conference presenter – Previous presentations include: STARTALK: “Designing Effective Field Trips” and “Supporting the Development of 21st Century Skills Through Independent Projects in the Chinese Classroom.” Click here to read about Tara’s 2012 STARTalk presentation at CU Boulder in the Daily Camera newspaper; Teaching East Asia: “Kites Across the Curriculum”

    Tara incorporates many authentic materials and realia into her curriculum. What did she buy at the Bird’s Nest? A 3″ square of olympic grass preserved in resin. Fascinating conversation starter!