About Tara

Tara Bardeen is an educator who is passionate about helping students develop the skills they’ll need to thrive as adults in the 21st century world.

Tara creates much of her own materials, whether her students are¬†mastering the use of Chinese question particles, exploring STEM concepts using cardboard or engaged in a real world project like her “Backpack Design Challenge” with the Denver Art Museum. Some of the Mandarin materials she has created are available for download at her Rice Paper Kite website.

As a contributing writer for Scholastic National Partnerships, Tara has written curriculum and lesson plans for many clients spanning diverse curriculum areas and grade levels. As the educational writer for the Youth One Book, One Denver program (2016 – present), Tara creates materials to inspire educators, families and students to take a deep dive into books through activities across the curriculum and comprehensive teaching guides. She enjoys creating fresh ideas for classrooms and families that also support the latest educational standards.

Looking for Tara’s website about all things cool and cultural to do in Denver? Click here:¬†www.GoPlayDenver.com